Peradon UK 8-Ball Pool Cues

Peradon is the world's oldest and best manufacturer of Snooker and Pool Cues. Titan Sports has the cheapest deals for these highest quality cues available anywhere. Buy your new snooker cue here. Now!


  • 1-Piece 8-Ball Cues
    English Made 1-piece 57" 8 Ball Pool Cues fitted with female butt joints to accept optional extensions and 8-8.5mm brass ferrules and Elmaster tips.
  • 3/4 Joint UK 8-Ball Cues
    A collection of English made 8 Ball Pool Cues jointed 16" from the butt. Supplied with a 6" mini-butt extension which will screw directly in to the shaft to create a shorter cue for awkward shots in a restricted space. The 6" butt can also be used in the end of the cue but to extend the length of the cue.

  • 3-Section UK 8-Ball Cues

    English Made Ash, 3-Section Cues Specially Designed for UK 8 Ball Pool. 

    All these cues are fitted with centre joints"Quick-Action" solid brass "Dome Joints" enabling the player to remove the bottom 8" for awkward shots in restricted space.

    Fitted with 8-8.5mm "Elkmaster" Tips.

    Dome Joint