Snooker cue chalk and pool cue chalk

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  • £ 5.99

    Pioneer Budget Range ChalkPioneer chalk is recognised as the leading budget chalk for commercial pool environments.Offered in a wide range of colours.

    £ 5.99
  • £ 7.10

    Triangle chalk is used by almost all top professional pool and snooker players. Manufactured by the famous Tweeten Fibre Co., Chicago, USA.  Available in 3 standard colours. Blue Green Red And in boxes of: 12 cubes 144 (gross) cubes

    £ 7.10
  • £ 7.50

    Master chalk is a well respected brand of chalk used by many professional players and manufactured by Tweeten Fibre in the USA. Available in Green, Grey or Rust in boxes of 12 cubes.

    £ 7.50
  • £ 23.90

    The professional version of the world's most popular snooker chalk. Triangle Pro-Chalk is a no expense spared chalk with added ingredients to increase friction and cue ball control even further, creating a smooth feel with incredible grip.  Available in "Green" and "Light Green"

    £ 23.90
  • £ 17.99

    Since its introduction this hand made chalk from Finland has created quite a name for itself with many professional players saying that using this chalk they now enjoy 'kick free' snooker with no bad contacts.  Available as: Green (Single Piece) Blue (Single Piece)

    £ 17.99
  • £ 17.99

    A chalk for all types of snooker tips. The advanced soft compound creates more grip, and the chalk is easier to use. Perfect for players who seek maximum spin and control for high cue power. Gives a clean touch with no bad contacts and leaves no residue. Available as single pieces in Green Only.

    £ 17.99
  • £ 17.99

    A chalk optimised for American pool, pyramid and carom. This chalk uses a new technology developed for heavier balls, with many pros saying that using this chalk they now enjoy 'kick free' games with no bad contacts. Developed to deliver maximum grip with without leaving any residue. Available as: Individual Piece of Blue Taom Pyro Chalk

    £ 17.99
  • £ 24.99

    Developed by respected chalk makers Kamui in Japan this close packed, premium quality chalk has been created to perform over a wide variety of shot strengths. Available as: Individual Piece of Blue Roku Chalk

    £ 24.99
  • £ 6.20

    Table Chalk SuspenderChalk clips into the rubber holder and is suspdended from the table for ready access.

    £ 6.20
  • £ 9.20

    Peradon Leather Chalk PouchMade from genuine leather this chalk pouch is a great alternative to keeping your chalk in your pocket or on the edge of the table.Can be clipped to a belt or front or back trouser pocket.

    £ 9.20
  • £ 7.20

    Handy Chalk ClipThis clever magnetic chalk holder clips onto your belt or pocket, and keeps your chalk handy. Put a cube of chalk in the holder, and it sticks magnetically to the clip, where it is ready for use. Chalk not included.

    £ 7.20
  • £ 11.20

    Keeps pockets clean, free from chalk dust, and the chalk always readily accessible for use.Clips on belt or pocket.

    £ 11.20
  • £ 17.99

    3 Cubes of Triangle Chalk  Peradon "Microfibre" Cue Towel Peradon Magnetic Chalk Fob

    £ 17.99
  • £ 19.99

    3 Cubes of Triangle PRO Chalk  Peradon "Traditional" Cue Towel Peradon Leather Chalk Pouch

    £ 19.99
  • £ 5.40

    Cue TowelKeep the shaft of your cue clean and dry, free from chalk and grease and hands free from moisture for smooth cueing action.Micro-fibre cloth. Peradon Branded.

    £ 5.40
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