Python 8-Ball Cue

This 55 inch, three-quarter jointed cue has a selected North American Ash shaft hand-spliced onto a solid Rosewood butt with a Rosewood front splice and blue-red-blue veneers. The cue is fitted a 'quick action' joint 16" from the butt of the cue.

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This 55" cue is crafted by Peradon in England from kiln dried, North American Ash and Rosewood. The Ash is carefully selected for strength and straightness before being turned and machine spliced to the Rosewood butt timber.

A Rosewood front splice with a Red between two blue veneers is then spliced to the butt section to further enhance the appearance. The cue is then turned to its final tapered finish before the numerous sanding and finishing processes are undertaken to achieve a 'silk smooth' finish.

To eliminate joint problems the two sections of the 'quick action' joint are each precision turned from a single piece of solid brass and precisely fitted through the points 16" from the butt end to give the shaft length of 39".

On this cue the shaft is fitted with the female section of the joint, whilst the butt is fitted with the male. Cleverly, this enables the player to remove the 16" butt section of the cue and screw the 6" mini butt (supplied with the cue) directly into the shaft. This makes a 45" cue for those occasional awkward shots in restricted spaces.

The butt of the cue is also fitted with a 'quick action' butt end joint which will also accept the 6" mini butt supplied with the cue. This lengthens the cue to 61" enabling the player to use the cue more easily on some shots that require a rest. The butt is finished with a Peradon Python name disc.

This cue features a solid brass ferrule and 8 to 8.5mm Elkmaster tip.


Overall Cue Length55" (140cm)
Shaft Length39" (99cm)
Butt Length16" (41cm) - plus 1" (2.5cm) for the protruding male joint
Cue Tip8 to 8.5mm Elkmaster tip
Shaft TimberSelected kiln dried North American Ash*
Butt TimberMachine-spliced Rosewood
Butt DecorationRosewood front splice with Red veneer between two blue veneers
JointSolid brass, 'Quick Action' 16" from butt end.
Butt end joint"Quick-action" solid brass joint
Mini ButtSupplied with free matching 6" Rosewood mini butt
WeightMedium 16.5oz up to 17.5oz or Heavy 17.5oz up to 19oz

All sizes are nominal.

* The quality of the ash shaft is of the utmost importance when crafting a cue. Shafts are extensively selected with only a small percentage of the pieces processed making the grade for production of these cues.

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