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  • £ 25.60

    Junior 2-player scorboard, for use with small tables. Mahogany colour finish  brassed rails and pointers Scores 1-120 Dimension - 430mm x 120mm

    £ 25.60
  • £ 6.20

    Solid Plastic Trianglesfor 10 Red Snooker BallsAvailable in all sizes: 2" (51mm) 1 7/8" (47.5mm) 1 3/4" (44mm) 1 5/8" (41mm) 1 1/2" (37.5mm) 1 3/8" (35mm)

    £ 6.20
  • £ 66.20

    Attache - Style Snooker Ball CasePadded lining and brass combination locks with a robust carry handle for easy transport.Holds full set of snooker balls plus billiards balls (or spare cue balls) and chalk.

    £ 66.20
  • £ 26.10

    Aramith Billiards Balls Sets of three with - White, Red & Spot White - the traditional set.Available in size 2 1/16 (52.5mm) only. Made in Belgium.

    £ 26.10
  • £ 33.80

    Good quality balls at an affordable price. Due to minimum process tolerances, these balls run precisely at very competitive cost. Available in  sizes: 2 1/16" (52.5mm) Snooker Set - Full Size (22 ball set - 15 Reds, 7 colours)

    £ 33.80
  • £ 33.60

    English Pool BallsSuitable for league, club and domestic use. Manufactured from durable cast phenolic resin.Available in 2 (51mm) and 1 7/8" (47.5mm) only.Both with 1 7/8" cue ball."

    £ 33.60
  • £ 74.00

    Aramith engraved phenolic pool balls are the highest quality pool balls available. These phenolic balls last up to five times longer than other balls made from polymers or polyester. With this durability they are the logical choice. Made in Belgium.

    £ 74.00
  • £ 12.50

    Tip Pricker and Shaping Tool3-in-1 tip conditioning tool - shapes, scuffs and pricks pool and snooker tips to suit your individual preferences.Sized to fit in your cue case so always on hand to use.Available in Black & Silver

    £ 12.50
  • £ 4.50

    This sander is shaped to hold the sand paper in a curve to enable easy and accurate shaping of your cue tip. Supplied complete with ten sander refills.

    £ 4.50
  • £ 195.00

    Precision engineered for extreme accuracyHolds shafts of 11mm to 15mm in diameter. Features 2 removable cutting blades. Used for cutting an accurate shoulder when fitting cue tip ferrules.

    £ 195.00
  • £ 2.59

    To accept 3/16" thread screw-tips, above.For fitting to cues used in commercial locations where quick re-tipping is needed.Available in sizes: 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm And supplied in packs of: 1 x Single ferrule Pack of 3 ferrules Pack of 5 ferrules Pack of 10 ferrules

    £ 2.59
  • £ 9.20

    Peradon Leather Chalk PouchMade from genuine leather this chalk pouch is a great alternative to keeping your chalk in your pocket or on the edge of the table.Can be clipped to a belt or front or back trouser pocket.

    £ 9.20
  • £ 160.00

    Bed & Cushions Cloths for Snooker TablesClub quality, napped snooker cloth. Available in traditional Olive green only. It is supplied in cut sets ready to cover the bed and cushions for your selected size of table.  The prices shown are for the supply of the cloth sets only. For costs of our skilled inclusive fitting service for this cloth go to...

    £ 160.00
  • £ 75.00

    Strachan "6811 POOL" (26oz) Bed & Cushion Cloths for UK Pool TablesHigh quality, napped cloth in cut sets ready to cover the bed and cushions of your selected size of table. Available in cloth colours: Olive Green Royal Blue Red Burgundy The prices shown are for the supply of the cloth sets only. For costs of our skilled inclusive fitting services go...

    £ 75.00
  • £ 131.40

    Available in sizes 42, 48", 54" or 58". (not mixed sizes) This one piece ash cue has a Rosewood front splice and is made in England by Peradon for Clubroom use. The cue is available in four lengths and is weighted and has a brass ferrule and a stick on 10mm Blue Chrome leather tip. The disc on the bottom of these cues can be personalised with your company...

    £ 131.40
  • £ 118.80

    This 57" one piece cue offers superb value for money when equipping a billiard room. It has a four point hardwood butt, ash shaft and a brass ferrule with 10mm stick on tip. Supplied in mixed weights.

    £ 118.80
  • £ 60.90

    Pack of 10 One Piece Simulated Butt CueBasic pool cues as used in most pubs and pool halls. These cues are weighted and have painted butts, 11mm brass ferrules and screw in 11mm tips.Available in sizes: 36", 48",52", 54", 57"

    £ 60.90
  • £ 180.70

    Black leather cue case. Peradon hand made leather cases are truly stunning cases. Whilst many alternative cases may look good in photographs these cases are skillfully constructed by hand down with attention right to the smallest detail.

    £ 180.70
  • £ 19.80

    Manufactured from hard wearing black nylon this durable cue case has a zipped opening at one end to accept a two piece, centre- jointed cue. A useful velcro fastening pocket on the side is embroidered with the Peradon trademark. To protect the cue the case has a black fleece interior and separate compartment for the cue shaft. The case also has an...

    £ 19.80
  • £ 93.60

    Halo cases are of aluminium construction and offer both maximum cue protection and superb looks. The exterior is upholstered with hard wearing black and white patchwork leather-look material to create a very attractive cue case.

    £ 93.60
Showing 141 - 160 of 175 items