Snooker Table Floor Loading

(Floor strengths in relation to the weights of full size snooker tables)

It is a common misconception that floors need to be specially strengthened to support the weight of full size snooker tables. In fact, the actual floor loading over the area involved is very low.

The total weight of a full size table is unlikely to exceed
1250.00 kgs
The table will stand on 8 legs so the incident loading per leg is approx.
156.25 kgs
The area of each leg in contact with the floor will be at least
50.00 sq cms
So the incident loading per square centimetre is only, approximately
3.13 kgs/sq cm
However, the average floor loading over the floor area occupied by the tables
35.00 sq. m.
Will be only in the region of
0.36 kgs/sq cm

... or approximately 15 people standing in the room

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