Supply and Fit Pocket Plate Leathers

Supply and fit set of 6 snooker pocket plate leathers.

Available for:

  • Narrow-bow pocket plates
  • Broad-bow pocket plates
  • Extra-broad-bow pocket plates
  • Extra-extra-broad-bow pocket plates
  • Riley match pocket plates.
  • Jubilee pocket plates

See the table, below, for details.

The prices shown are for fitting in conjunction with recovering work. For supply only, click here.

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£ 59.50

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Classification of pocket leathers:

Narrow Bow Leathers

Suit most top-fitting pocket plates

Broad Bow Leathers

The most commonly used for older “hidden” plates, e.g., early Riley and Burroughs and Watts plates and many other manufacturers

Extra Broad Bow Leathers

For broader plates, e.g. P2 and Birmingham Billiards tables

Extra-Extra Broad Bow Leathers

For extra-wide pockets plates, e.g. P3, BCE “Westbury” tables and Enbild tables

Riley “Match” Leathers

For Riley “Match” tables, Thurston “Imperial” tables, etc.

Jubilee Leathers

Exclusively for Clare-Padmore-Thurston “Jubilee” tables

The leathers will be fitted at the same time as recovering the table with new cloth. If you are unsure of the type of leathers required, our fitter can bring a range of leathers with him and fit the appropriate type. Just ring +44 (0)7342 794802 to discuss your requirements.