Remodelling Cushions with New Rubber

In conjunction with recovering the bed and cushions, to remodelling the cushion rails with new rubber.

Using either "Northern" Match or standard "Club" quality rubber, as selected.

For slate tables using 2 1/16" or 2" balls

The prices are based on the work being carried out within 100 miles of Cheshire, CH64. For other regions, contact +44 (0)7342 794802 or

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£ 445.00

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The work includes stripping out the old, perished rubbers, making good or replacing, as necessary, worn wooden cushion lining blocks, rubber support fillets and cloth retaining slips. Then cementing the new rubber into place on the lining blocks, cutting and shaping the pocket openings to the required size and profile, applying an adhesive linen underlining leaving ready for recovering with new cloth.

The pocket openings will normally be formed to our standard templates which provide a 3 5/8" opening across the slate fall. This is the accepted norm for domestic tables and those used for general club and club competition use. However, we can cut the pocket openings to WPBSA (World Snooker) templates but would only recommend this for tables used by professional players in top level competitions. Additionally, most tables would also need the pocket openings in the slate bed to be remodelled incurring considerable additional work and cost.

We will only fit the highest quality "Northern Rubber by Hainsworth" to full size tables which will be used for club and league competitions and higher level tournaments. For domestic and general use and for smaller tables, the "CLUB" Rubbers are a great quality and excellent value option.

The work would normally be carried out on site over two days during which time the table will be out of action. Occasionally additional work may be encountered which would require the cushions to be brought into our workshop for attention. Prices for the work would be confirmed at the time but the table would remain "out-of-play" for longer.