Repolishing Cushion Caps

In conjunction with remodelling the cushion rails to stripping and repolishing the existing cushion cappings

Make your table LOOK like new as well as playing like a new table.

Prices exclude any major woodwork repairs.

For more information contact: +44 (0)7342 794802 or

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£ 350.00

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In conjunction with re-rubbering and recovering your table, we will bring the cushion rails into our workshop where the cushion caps will be completely stripped of existing polish. Then the surface will be sanded to remove surface scratches and dinges. Grain-filler will be applied before staining and repolishing to the original colour using durable, scratch resistant lacquers.

The work excludes any major woodwork repairs which may be required. This will be quoted for and executed on acceptance.

For more information on this work call +44 (0)7342 794802 or