Strachan 6811 POOL Cloth - Recover

Recover the bed and cushions complete with new Strachan "6811 POOL" 26oz Cloth 

Available in a range of 4 colours:

  • Olive Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Burgundy

Prices are based on the work being carried out within 100 miles of Cheshire CH4. For other regions contact +44 (0)7342 794802 or

For supplying cloth only go to our Pool Cloths pages.

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£ 245.00

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The work includes:

Removing the cushion rails, stripping the existing cloth from the bed and cushions, cleaning the slate bed to remove congealed chalk dust and cloth adhesive. Then to stretching the new cloth into position on the bed and cushions, refitting the cushion rails, brushing the table, remarking baulk and fitting new spots, leaving the table ready for play.

Once confirmed, the work will be scheduled for completion normally within 3 weeks.

Cloth specifications:

Strachan West of England "777 Premier" (26oz)

  • High quality, napped pool cloth
  • 100% pure new wool
  • 899g/m (29oz/yd) @218cm (86") - 416g/m2
  • Available in green, blue, red and burgundy.

Strachan West of England Cloth:

Strachan cloth has been made in the West of England since 1890. Strachan English pool cloth is regarded around the world as the leading brand in its market.

The choice of table manufacturers, operators, fitters, players, pubs and clubs, its superior nap provides players with unrivalled ball control, speed and positional accuracy.

For operators, pub and club owners, Strachan is a brand that can be trusted. It looks great from the moment it?s fitted, will continue to perform over its lifespan and will outlast its nearest rival.

And for manufacturers, the Strachan name, classic appearance, lustre and sheen will greatly help to sell your table.

Strachan is the official and exclusive cloth of the International Pool Players Association and the World Eightball Pool Federation.