Recover UK Pool Table Hainsworth CLUB Cloth

Recovering UK Pool Table with Hainsworth CLUB Cloth

The great all-round performer

Hainsworth® CLUB is the true benchmark in pool cloth with playability and durability and is recognised as a practical, good performance good value cloth. Satisfying most general uses Hainsworth® CLUB provides players with a durable surface that delivers good ball control and speed.

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£ 267.50

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• Top quality, value for money cloth
• Very good ball control and speed
• Durable yet satisfyingly playable

Sizes Available

Bed and Cushion Sets:

  • 6ft UK Pool
  • 7ft UK Pool
  • 8ft UK Pool

The work of recovering your UK pool table includes:

  • Removing the cushion rails
  • Stripping the old cloth from the slate bad and the cushion rails
  • Removing old adhesive and congealed chalk dust from the slate bed
  • Recovering the bed and cushions with new Hainsworth CLUB cloth (colour of your choice)
  • Refitting the cushion rails
  • Professionally levelling the table to the best advantage leaving ready for play

Lead time:

Our service team will schedule a fitter to complete the work normally within 3-4 weeks. We will contact you to agree a suitable date.


Our prices are based on the work being carried out within the UK mainland excluding Cornwall and Scotland north of Edinburgh/Glasgow and Northern Ireland for which additonal costs may be charged.