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Dismantle Remove & Re-erect Sectional Slate Tables

Sectional Slate Bed Pool & Snooker Tables 8ft to 12ft
To dismantle, remove and re-erect your sectional slate bed table ready for play, using existing cloth. See recover prices for new cloth.

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£ 950.00

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The work to include completely dismantling the table, loading all parts onto our vehicle and transporting to your new site. There to off-loading, assembling the underframe, carrying out preliminary levelling then setting the slate bed sections into position, making good the joints and finally levelling to the best advantage. Then, restretching the existing bedcloth into position (see our recovering pages should new cloth be required), refitting the cushions rails and pockets, marking out the baulk area, fitting new spots and brushing and ironing, leaving the table ready for play.

Charge includes all labour, transports and cost of consumable materials.