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Tayhope Enterprises Ltd are inventors, manufacturers and suppliers of security devices. One of our fields of expertise is in the design and supply of secure locking devices to allow more than one padlock to be used on a gate, door, cabinet, etc.

Our Head Office is based in Aberdeen, Scotland from where we supply Telecom’s, Utility, Government, Military, Industrial and Domestic markets with our innovative solutions to secure shared access. We also have a North America office in Toronto, Canada.

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The need for the use of more than one padlock is a peculiarity of the industries we supply. However, the requirement for our unique systems is very real and pressing. The security our products offer is a prominent reason why our locks are used by clients worldwide, however economic considerations also drive the adoption of our products; lock-outs are a serious problem for our target industries which lose millions in revenue per annum as a direct result; in contrast it is impossible to incorrectly use our products. As security specialists we provide our clients with innovative and tailored solutions to their security problems. Our dedicated team of engineers and designers are experienced at solving the unique and sensitive security issues posed by the increasing risk that terrorism, organized crime and vandalism presents worldwide. Constant innovation and our belief in providing the best possible product for our clients has been instrumental in creating the reputation we now enjoy. Field use of our products constantly introduces our systems to new clients who are able to experience our products first hand and appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the solutions we offer.We are the sole world suppliers of our various products. Wherever and whenever deemed necessary, we pursue patent protection for our intellectual property. Our components are manufactured by a variety of British precision engineering firms to our unique proprietary designs and are assembled in Scotland for direct supply and shipping to our clients and overseas offices/ distributors.

The Multiple-Lock system is now at Mk VI and with 5 previous versions in circulation the technical description and name of our products has changed or been corrupted many times over the years. Detailed below are previous names, and a selection of current descriptions as specified by our clients: 4-way, 4-user, 4 padlock, 5-user, 5-way, 6-user, 6-way, 6 padlock, 7-user, 7-way, 7 padlock, 8-user, 8-way, 8 padlock, 10-user, 10-way, Multiple-Lock, Multilock, Multiple-Locks, multylock, multylocks, minotaur style locks, to name a few derivations. Our standard locks are known as Dual, 5 padlock, 10 padlock and 20 padlock Multiple-Locks. Other versions are available in bulk to meet client specific requirements, please contact us for prices and supply details. If you are interested in our standard products we recommend you buy online using our secure shop which automatically calculates discounts and shipping.

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