Asked Questions

What are Multi-Latch systems for?

In commercial ventures, where access points need to be locked, padlocks are often used as they offer high security with low maintenance. Most companies nowadays use cloned padlocks operated by one corporate key, this allows easy access to many sites where the company has an interest. Multi-Latch systems allow companies to share access points without having to share keys. An installed Multi-Latch may have up to 10 users each opening and closing the access point using their own padlock.

Will our padlocks work with a Multi-Latch?

All bolt-on Multi-Latch systems will take a padlock with up to a 14mm (5/8″) shackle. While Dual Multi-Latch systems will work with between 7mm and 11mm (1/4″-7/16″) shackles, for larger shackles, the Dual Multi-Latch systems can be altered upon request to take up to a 14mm (5/8″) shackle.

The locks shown on your web site are not correct for my application, do you have anything else?

Yes, we offer a wide range of variations on our standard locks. Please contact our Technical Department for further details:

Are Multi-Latch systems available in my country?

Yes. Multi-Latch systems are available worldwide direct from our European (UK) or North America (Canada) offices.

Is a Multi-Latch the same as a Multi-Lock or Multiple-Lock?

Multi-Latch is the new name for all Tayhope products. They are identical to our former Multi-Lock and Multiple-Lock products.

Are discounts available?

Tayhope offers generous discounts based on order volumes. A price list is available here For more details of our pricing contact:

Are trade discounts available?

Tayhope offers generous discounts based on order volumes only. All our customers pay the same price regardless of who they are, all pricing is based on volume on the day of purchase unless a BPO is provided. For more details of our pricing policy contact:

Can you supply padlocks as well?

No, we do not supply padlocks, but we can recommend padlocks that we approve for use with our products. Contact

We don’t have an account with Tayhope is that a problem?

We do not offer credit accounts but we do accept most forms of payment. For further details of our payment terms please contact

Can we order online?

Yes, orders can be placed by e-mail, or by Card online, we will simply confirm dispatch details and payment schedule if applicable. Please visit our online shop or e-mail

Want More Information?

If you wish for more information or to purchase a Tayhope multi-latch system please leave us your email address and we'll be in touch.

To make a more detailed enquiry, please visit our Contact page or call us +44 (0)151 342 1565